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Summary of the December 6, 2019 SCC Meeting - by Renee Maxey, one of our 5th District Representatives on the State Central Committee (SCC).

Upcoming Quadrennial District Convention

For complete information on the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee of Virginia's Quadrennial Convention, see the District Convention page.

Upcoming 2020 Elections

5th Congressional District Republican Committee Quadrennial Convention

For information on all the official candidates who are running for elected at our Quadrennial District Convention, and other GOP candidates see the Campaigns 2020 page.

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Coming Events

  • 5thCDRC Meeting - Feb. 8, 2020  Charley's Waterfront Cafe in Farmville.  Call and details to come.
  • 5th Congressional District Republican Quadrennial District Convention - Date, time and venue to be determined.  See information.
  • Republican Party of Virginia Quadrennial Presidential Convention - May 1 & 2, 2020 at the Vines Center at Liberty University.   See Official Call.  Further details to come.


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