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Auxiliary Republican Party Groups

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Aside from the 23 county and city official Republican groups/committees (See here), there are 3 other kinds of official Republican Party groups in the 5th Congressional District.  These auxiliary GOP groups are:

  1. Women Republicans which are affiliated with the Virginia Federation of  Republican Women (VFRW)
  2. Young Republicans (ages 18 - 40) - which are affiliated with the Young Republican Federation of Virginia
  3. College Republicans - which are affiliated with the College Republican Federation of Virginia

Find them online - 

    Women Republicans

    Albemarle - Charlottesville Republican Women's League


    Madison County Republican Women


    Republican Women of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County


    Young Republicans

    Fauquier County Young Republicans


    Lynchburg Area Young Republicans


    College Republicans

    College Republicans at the University of Virginia


    Hampden-Sydney College Republicans


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