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Biennial District Convention
Virginia's 5th Congressional District Republican Committee (5thCDRC)

Last updated: March 24, 2020 

Units' Mass Meeting & Canvass Calls

Posted here as they are made available by the units or are found on the RPV website.  The Call for a unit's Mass Meeting must be issued at least 15 days prior to the unit's Mass Meeting. 

For information on official candidates who are running for election at our Biennial District Convention, see the Campaigns 2020 page

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Committees working on the 5th District Convention

A review of the following list of Convention Committees was provided by the Chairman, as a courtesy to the Congressional campaigns, on Jan 30, 2020. There were no recommendations or changes.

Venue Planning & Logistics Committee:
Will Kirk (Chair), Christian Raymond, Nancy Rodland

  • Determine layout of auditorium by unit committee, place signage to identify delegation locations, and generally set up auditorium
  • Coordinate with Credentials Committee to determine registration area (Gym?), human flow, and monitor entrances to auditorium – restricted to lanyard holders
  • Guest services: Food service, Parking
  • Oversight of placement and details of campaign sign usage & oversee campaign compliance
  • Determine Balloting room
  • Determine Campaign rooms

Credentials Committee (delegate registration @ convention):
Greg Schumacher (Chair), Terry Dixon, Bert Nye, Paul Raymond, and for reviews: Chairman of local unit of delegate with contention

  • Set up area and check in all delegates and guests
  • Coordinate with Chairman and candidates and prepare guest packets for delegates
  • Distribute identifying lanyards and guest packets
  • Review and determine any contested delegates
  • Certify number of delegates and guests to the convention

Rules Committee: Mike Hankins (Chair), Will Pace, Wally Young

Nominating Committee (candidate review):
Daniel Bradshaw (Chair), Eric Brazeal, Dylan Slaughter

Balloting Committee:

Planning Committee (Ballot planning and distribution):

George Urban (Chair), Wally Hudson, Darrell Byers

Convention Balloting Room (processing and tabulation of ballots and certifying results):

Dr. Steve Richards (Chair) (6th District Zone V. Chair), Dr. Steven Troxel (6th District SCC), Donna Moser (6th District Treasurer)

Resolutions Committee: Carolyn Ley (Chair), Jim Smith, Carlton Ballowe

Program Committee (coordinate & streamline overall convention program/flow):
Chairman Adams (Chair), Temp Chair (TBD), Will Kirk (P&L), Greg Schumacher (Credentials), Mike Hankins (Rules), Daniel Bradshaw (Nominations), George Urban (Balloting), Carolyn Ley (Resolutions)

For further information, questions, or to directly contact any of the Convention Committees, please contact 5thCDRC Secretary Aaron Moyer.

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