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Quadrennial District Convention
Virginia's 5th Congressional District Republican Committee (5thCDRC)

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"In the interest of transparency and an informed public regarding the upcoming 5th District Convention, we will be posting details on this page to help everyone know what is being done and who is assisting with the work."

Melvin Adams, Chairman
5th Congressional District Republican Committee

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For information on official candidates who are running for election at our Quadrennial District Convention, see the Campaigns 2020 page

Committees working on the 5th District Convention

Venue Search Committee - Carolyn Ley, Christian Raymond, Chris Shores (all Zone Vice Chairs in the 5thCDRC)

This Committee is tasked to research and locate the facility most suited to accommodate the needs of our delegates. Concerns include, but are not limited to: location in the district, adequate size, easy accessibility, ample parking, seating comfort, audio, food service, cost, etc.

Facilities being considered include: Nelson Co HS, Fluvanna Co HS, Hampton-Sidney Kirby Field House, Tree of Life Church, Liberty University Vine Center, Western Albemarle HS, UVA John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville MLK Performing Arts Center, Paramount Theater, Jefferson Theater.

Finalists will be visited after the Thanksgiving holiday and a final decision will be made as soon as possible. The 5thCDRC has already authorized the Chairman to move forward with a contract with the best suited location.

Call Committee
- Will Pace, Mike Hankins, Ed Yensho

This committee is tasked with formulating the draft 5th District Convention Call. It must ensure that the agenda of the Convention meets all requirements of the Party Plan and required business is satisfied related to: choosing Republican district representation for the 2020 Presidential Election - delegates to the Republican National Convention and one Elector; Congress (2020-22) - 5th Congressional District Republican congressional nominee; the State Party (2020-24) - 5th Congressional District representatives on the SCC; and District GOP Leadership (2020-22) - 5th Congressional District Republican Committee chairman.

The committee is made up of experienced chairmen of local Republican Committees, representing each of the 3 District Zones. The proposed Call will be reviewed by the entire 5thCDRC and voted on at our next regularly scheduled meeting (date TBD) before being formally issued by the 5thCDRC Chairman.  A copy of the draft Convention Call will be sent out with the Call for Meeting to the 5thCDRC. 

Committee on Delegate Processing
- Marian Dixon (5thCDRC Treasurer), Aaron Moyer (5thCDRC Secretary), and Call Committee

This committee is tasked with reviewing and proposing forms and processes to ensure that convention delegates have easy access to information; that forms are clear and uniform across the District, capture all required data required by the Party and the State and Federal Election Commissions, and that each Unit Committee can quickly and accurately report their credentialed delegates to the candidates and the 5thCDRC.

The committee makeup is designed to ensure a convergence of the technical details of data collection and reporting with the regulatory requirements of the Convention Call.

For further information, questions, or to directly contact any of the Convention Committees, please contact 5thCDRC Secretary Aaron Moyer.

Other Committees will be appointed before the end of the year to work on specific tasks. These committees will include, but may not be limited to: Convention Rules, Credentialing of Delegates, Planning and Logistics, Resolutions.

Units' Mass Meeting Calls

Posted here as they become available.  The Call for a unit's Mass Meeting must be issued at least 15 days prior to the unit's Mass Meeting. 

    • Albemarle County GOP
    • Appomattox County GOP
    • Bedford County GOP
    • Brunswick County GOP
    • Buckingham County GOP
    • Campbell County GOP
    • Charlotte County GOP
    • Charlottesville City GOP
    • Cumberland County GOP
    • Danville City GOP
    • Fauquier County GOP
    • Fluvanna County GOP
    • Franklin County GOP
    • Greene County GOP
    • Halifax County GOP
    • Henry County GOP
    • Lunenburg County GOP
    • Madison County GOP
    • Mecklenburg County GOP
    • Nelson County GOP
    • Pittsylvania County GOP
    • Prince Edward County GOP
    • Rappahannock County GOP

Background Information

Nomination Method

On November 9, 2019, the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee (5thCDRC) of Virginia determined that the method to decide its 2020 Republican Nominee for Congress would be Convention.  Further details will be included in the Convention Call which will be voted on in the next regular meeting of the 5thCDRC.

Quadrennial District Conventions

Under the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) State Party Plan (SPP), the Quadrennial District Convention elects a District Chairman, 3 members of the State Central Committee, 3 delegates to the GOP National Convention, and 3 alternate delegates to the GOP National Convention, and an elector to serve in the Electoral College.  Additionally, the candidate for that district's U.S. House seat maybe nominated at the convention.  The district convention call must be issued at least 30 days prior to the convention.

Since we are nominating our candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives at our convention, our convention must be held between April 23 - June 9.

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